AO Under the Tree

AO Under the Tree


There are still a few days left to be a Christmas hero and get some amazing AO sunglasses under your tree. Which style is best for your loved one? We have a one question quiz to determine the best style for them. Would you describe them as a leader, a pioneer, or an icon?

For Leaders – The Saratoga

Style that projects confidence

JFK wearing the Saratoga

Style is born of confidence. By carefully balancing form and function, AO Eyewear has been producing styles worn by world leaders since the mid-twentieth century. 

Sometimes when a classic item is worn by a legendary figure, it takes on a persona all its own. Such is the history of the AO Saratoga, most notably worn by John F. Kennedy. The Saratoga became an instant classic, with its flattering shape and quality craftsmanship. It makes the perfect gift for the go-getter in your life.

For Pioneers – The Original Pilot

Quality that won’t let you down

Astronauts Charles Conrad Jr. and L. Gordon Cooper wearing the FG-58 (Original Pilot)

As a longtime supplier of flight goggles to the US military, and the first to produce aviator sunglasses for US airmen, it is not all that surprising that AO was approached by NASA to supply the first sunglasses on the moon. The FG-58, now the Original Pilot, was carried by all Gemini and Apollo astronauts in their survival kits. The perfect gift for anyone that ever dreamed of being an astronaut or pilot!

For Icons – Take Your Pick!

Design that commands attention

Paul Newman wearing the FG-58 (Original Pilot)

The choice of many movie stars, American Optical’s classic styles have been seen in a wide array of films, from Vertigo, to Taxi Driver, to Tropic Thunder. Never overstyled or overworked, AO sunglasses still look modern when watching these movies today. Further, AO’s commitments to quality standards and rigorous manufacturing specifications keep its True Original styles ready to last a lifetime. Shop now for the star in your life.

Need it by Christmas? Contact our customer care team at or 800-777-1173 with questions about shipping time to your location.


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