Celebrating American Manufacturing
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Celebrating American Manufacturing

In 1833, American Optical founder, William Beecher, recognized the importance of manufacturing spectacles in the US and changed the world of eyewear. His ingenuity and passion instilled a legacy of quality into every AO frame. We are proud to carry on his legacy at AO Eyewear’s new eyewear factory in Illinois, crafting frames from the finest global components.

There are over 60 craftspeople behind your AO frame, reviving a craft that’s been largely absent from the US job market the past several decades – eyewear artisan. Making AO frames isn’t about standing on a line and pushing a button. It’s sculpting, it’s perfecting, it’s engineering in motion.

This 4th of July weekend, we want to salute the men and women responsible for carrying on the AO legacy every day. To our craftspeople – you are the living soul of American Optical, members of an elite squad formed over 150 years ago, and you carry the torch of American eyewear manufacturing forward.

See the True Original AO styles our team is creating.

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