Reviving the AO Tournament
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Reviving the AO Tournament

American Optical 2021 – Vintage Inspiration Updated for the 21st Century.

2021 sees the AO sunwear selection expand. We’re proud to reintroduce, the Tournament, reviving another classic AO style. Along with the AO core line-up, the Tournament shows us how much the past informs current trends, and proves the timeless nature of sunwear. Here’s some history on the style…

First introduced in the 1950s, this style manages to feel completely modern despite its vintage inspiration. It was originally described as “a bold, masculine frame for those who enjoy the challenge of competition,” and we couldn’t phrase it any better.

Tournament illustration from a 1950s AO catalog

Though it was first designed as an optical frame, the classic shape felt perfectly suited to sunwear in 2021. Though the design is vintage, it doesn’t feel that way – much like the Saratoga. You’ll notice that the Tournament features the same seven-barrel hinge and spearhead decor as the Saratoga – classic elements that mark AO True Original style.

The original Tournament featured in a 1950s AO catalog

Over the past year, our relationships with what we buy have changed deeply. We want things to last longer, but stay sharp. We want to look and feel good, but maybe not with the same level of effort we once thought was worthwhile. This classic style, with a shape that just about anyone can wear and lasting quality, checks all the boxes.

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    The return of the True Original

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