The Best Sunglasses for Oblong Faces: Choose Your Perfect Style
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The Best Sunglasses for Oblong Faces: Choose Your Perfect Style

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses can be a game-changer, especially when you’re looking for the best sunglasses for an oblong face. Not all frames are created equal, and choosing the right one can significantly enhance your facial features and style.

The Best Sunglasses for Oblong Faces: Choose Your Style

Looking for advice? Our team at American Optical has you covered! In this post, our team will guide you through everything you need to know about selecting the best sunglasses for oblong-shaped faces.

Understanding Oblong Face Shapes

Understanding Oblong Face Shapes

Choosing the right sunglasses for your face shape can transform your look. If you have an oblong face shape, understanding its characteristics is the first step in finding your perfect pair of sunglasses.

Oblong faces are characterized by a longer length than width. This face shape is elegantly elongated, often featuring a narrow chin that gently tapers from a broader forehead. The cheekbones in oblong faces tend not to be very prominent, creating a more streamlined appearance.

Think of celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Tom Cruise; they are quintessential examples of this face shape, showcasing how certain styles of sunglasses can enhance and balance their facial features. The goal when selecting sunglasses for an oblong face is to add visual width to create a more balanced proportion. This can be achieved by choosing frames that draw attention to the eyes and add a sense of fullness to the cheeks.

Key Features of Oblong Faces

Key Features of Oblong Faces

  1. Longer face length with few angles: The most distinguishing feature of an oblong face is its length, which is noticeably greater than its width. This creates a graceful vertical line, but it may also mean that the face lacks angles and defined contours.
  2. Narrow chin: Often, oblong faces have a narrow chin that adds to the elongated look. This feature can be accentuated or minimized depending on the style of sunglasses you choose.
  3. Broad forehead: Many oblong faces start with a broad forehead at the top, which then narrows down towards the chin. This gives a slightly tapered look to the face.
  4. Less prominent cheekbones: Unlike oval or heart-shaped faces, oblong faces usually don’t have highly prominent cheekbones. This lack of definition along the sides of the face makes it important to choose sunglasses that add shape and contour.

How to Measure Your Face for Sunglasses

As you can tell, choosing the right size of sunglasses is crucial for both your comfort and style, especially for oblong face shapes.

Our team at American Optical has put together a simple guide on how to measure your face to find the perfect fit:

  1. Measure face length: Use a tape measure to determine the distance from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin. This is your face length.
  2. Measure face width: Measure the width of your face across the widest part, which is typically across the cheekbones.
  3. Compare proportions: Compare these measurements to understand the proportions of your face. For oblong faces, the length will be significantly greater than the width.
  4. Choose frame size: Look for frames that are proportionate to your face size and shape. For oblong faces, frames that add width are ideal.

The 5 Best Frame Styles for Oblong Faces

The 5 Best Frame Styles for Oblong Faces

It’s important that you understand how different frame styles can enhance and balance your face’s elongated shape. Here are some of the top styles to consider, along with examples from American Optical’s collection.

1. Round Frames

Round sunglasses, such as the AO-1002 and Oxford models from American Optical, are classic and timeless. They add softness to the face and contrast beautifully with the longer face length. The curved lines of round frames, particularly those with a slightly wider design, help to add width and balance to oblong faces.

Round Frame

2. Square and Rectangular Frames

2. Square and Rectangular Frames

Square and rectangular sunglasses, like the Tournament and Saratoga models, work well for oblong-shaped faces. Their sharp angles provide a nice contrast to the softer features of the face. Look for frames that are slightly wider than your face to create a more symmetrical look.

Square and Rectangular Frames

3. Aviator Sunglasses

3. Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator frames such as the Original Pilot and General are an excellent choice for oblong or rectangular faces. Their iconic teardrop shape and double bridge design draw attention to the eyes and add width to the upper part of the face. Aviators are timeless and versatile, essential for anyone with an oblong face shape.

Aviator Sunglasses

4. Oversized Sunglasses

4. Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses, such as the Airman and Hazemaster models, are great for adding width and drawing attention to your eyes. They cover a larger part of the face which reduces the appearance of length, and make a bold fashion statement.

Oversized Sunglasses

5. Cat-Eye Frames

5. Cat-Eye Frames

Cat-eye frames, like the Lucinda and Whitney, offer bold lines and a retro flair. The upward sweep at the corners of these frames adds a lift to the face, which can be particularly flattering for oblong-shaped faces.

Cat-Eye Frames

3 Features to Consider in Sunglasses for Oblong Faces

3 Features to Consider in Sunglasses for Oblong Faces

Choosing the right sunglasses for an oblong face isn’t just about style; it’s also about functionality and comfort. Here are some key features to consider when selecting your perfect pair.

1. Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are a key feature, regardless of face shape, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. They significantly reduce glare from surfaces like water and pavement, enhancing visual clarity and reducing eye strain. This makes them ideal for driving, water sports, or any outdoor activity.

2. Lightweight Frame

We know that comfort is important, particularly for extended wear. A lightweight frame minimizes pressure on the nose and ears, ensuring comfort throughout the day. This is particularly important for people with oblong faces, as discomfort can be more pronounced with longer face shapes.

3. Frame Material and Color

The material of the frame can affect both the weight and the overall look of the sunglasses. Metal frames offer a classic look and are usually lightweight, while plastic frames come in a wider range of colors to express your personality. The color of the frame should complement your skin tone and personal style, enhancing your overall appearance.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

When selecting sunglasses for an oblong face, you’ll want to avoid certain styles that may not flatter your face shape.

By understanding these common pitfalls, you can make a choice that enhances your look:

  1. Avoid small frames: Small frames can have the unintended effect of making an oblong face appear even longer. To counter this, it’s advisable to choose larger frames that can add visual width to the face, helping to create a more balanced appearance.
  2. Be careful with narrow frames: Similarly, narrow frames may also emphasize the length of an oblong face. Opt for frames that match the width of your face or are slightly wider. This will help create a sense of balance and proportion. Use our virtual try-on feature to check the fit as you shop.

Styling Tips for Oblong Faces

Styling Tips for Oblong Faces

When it comes to styling sunglasses for an oblong face, don’t forget to factor in the overall aesthetic of your outfit. Sunglasses aren’t just functional; they’re also a key fashion accessory.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Complement your outfit: Choose sunglasses that complement your outfit. Whether you’re dressing casually or for a special occasion, your sunglasses should add to your overall look.
  2. Add a touch of personality: Sunglasses are a great way to express your personal style. Don’t shy away from experimenting with different colors and designs that reflect your personality.
  3. Balance your look: For oblong faces, the goal is to balance the face’s longer dimensions. Select sunglasses that add width to the face and draw attention to your eyes.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can select sunglasses that not only protect your eyes but also enhance your personal style and confidence.

Choose Your Perfect Pair with American Optical

When looking for the best sunglasses for an oblong face, it’s all about balancing your facial features and enhancing your personal style. Remember, the perfect pair of sunglasses not only protects your eyes but also boosts your confidence.

Check out American Optical for a wide range of stylish, high-quality sunglasses that cater to all face shapes, including oblong. We’ve been committed to independent thinking and quality designs for almost two centuries! Get in touch with the AO team and your perfect form and embrace your unique style with a pair of sunglasses that’s just right for you.

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