How to Clean Sunglasses the Right Way
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How to Clean Sunglasses the Right Way

How to Clean Sunglasses the Right Way — Do’s and Don’ts –

Let’s face it, sunglasses get dirty. They face the elements with us every day! Dirt, dust, and debris accumulate on sun lenses, as they are taken on and off frequently. This results in smudges and hazy vision.

Although many people use methods like blowing warm breath on the lenses and wiping them with a napkin or t-shirt, these techniques can actually damage your lenses.

To maintain the clarity of your eyewear and extend its lifespan, follow this five-step guide and we’ll get those glasses clean.

how to clean sunglasses

How to Clean Sunglasses in 5 Steps

It only takes five easy steps to safely clean sunglasses using materials you already have at home. You’ll have clean glasses in just a minute or two.

1. Wash and Dry Your Hands

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Start by washing and drying your hands thoroughly. This is important to prevent any dirt or oil from your hands from transferring onto the lenses and make them even dirtier.

2. Rinse Your Sunglasses Under Warm Water

Rinse your sunglasses under warm water to remove any loose dirt or debris. Hold the frames with one hand and use your other hand to gently rub the lenses with your fingertips. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or you could scratch the lenses.

3. Clean Your Sunglasses With a Dishwashing Liquid

Next, apply a small amount of mild dishwashing soap to the lenses and gently rub them with your fingertips to create a lather. Make sure you use a mild, non-abrasive lotion free dishwashing liquid that won’t damage the lenses or lens coatings.

4. Rinse Your Sunglasses Again

Rinse the lenses thoroughly once more to remove all of the dish soap. Again, be gentle when rubbing the lenses and avoid using hot water, as extreme temperatures can damage lenses.

5. Dry Your Sunglasses with a Clean Microfiber Cloth

lint free towel

Finally, dry your sunglasses with a clean microfiber cloth. Don’t use paper products, even soft tissues, which can leave scratches on the lenses. Instead, use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently wipe away any remaining water droplets. Make sure the cloth is clean and free of any dirt or debris that could scratch the lenses.

Things to Avoid When Cleaning Sunglasses (No Paper Towels!)

When cleaning sunglasses, it is important to avoid certain practices that could potentially damage or scratch the lenses. Here are some things you should avoid when cleaning your sunglasses:

  1. Avoid using harsh chemicals, such as rubbing alcohol, bleach, ammonia, vinegar, or fabric softener sheets as they can damage the lenses and lens coatings.
  2. Don’t use paper towels, tissues, napkins, or any other abrasive materials to dry your sunglasses, as they can scratch lenses.
  3. Avoid using hot water, keep it warm.
  4. Don’t rub the lenses with your shirt or any other clothing, as they may contain dirt or rough fibers that can scratch the lenses.
  5. Don’t spit on lenses to clean them.
  6. Don’t leave your sunglasses in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as this can cause the lenses to warp or become discolored.

By avoiding these practices and following proper cleaning techniques, you can keep your sunglasses in top condition and enjoy clear vision for years to come.

Remember to always use a mild, non-abrasive soap and a microfiber cloth, and rinse the lenses thoroughly before drying them.

Extra Tips to Keep Your Sunglasses Clean (Down to the Nose Pads)

  • To ensure your glasses stay clean when not in use, it’s important to store sunglasses properly. Place them in a clean sunglasses case or pouch, with the lenses facing upwards.
  • Always clean your glasses while they are still wet, as cleaning dry lenses can smear oil and debris across them instead of removing it.
  • Wash your lens cloth once a week to eliminate any built-up dirt or deposits.
  • After spending time outdoors on a hot day, rinse your glasses to prevent sunscreen, salt water, and other chemicals from drying on the lens and damaging the coating over time.
  • If you have AO sunglasses with nose pads, you can pop them out to give this area that gathers grime easily a deeper clean.
  • If your home cleanings don’t seem to be doing the job, consider visiting an optician or optometrist with specialized machines that can provide a deep clean for your glasses. You can also ask your optician to recommend a travel-sized eyeglass cleaner that will be safe and easy to use when you’re on the go.


In conclusion, cleaning your American Optical sunglasses regularly and properly is crucial to maintain their appearance and performance, and to ensure clear vision.

By following the recommended steps and avoiding harmful practices, you can keep your sunglasses looking their best and protect your investment in them. Remember to store them properly, clean them while they are still wet, and replace any damaged parts as needed. With these tips, you can enjoy your sunglasses for years to come.

If you have any questions about keeping your shades clean, please contact us!

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