Your Last-Minute Halloween Costume – Solved

Your Last-Minute Halloween Costume – Solved

You meticulously planned your kids’ costumes, even the dog is ready to receive trick-or-treaters, but…uh-oh! Suddenly it’s the end of October and you haven’t given a thought to your own costume. 

Have no fear – if you have a pair of AO sunglasses, you’ve got almost everything you need. We’ve got an easy costume for each of our core styles.

If you wear the Original Pilot:

You’re…Travis Bickle

Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver

You’ll need: A crazed look in your eyes and a vintage-style military jacket

Bonus points for: Committing to the mohawk


You’re…An astronaut just returned to Earth

Charles Conrad Jr. and L. Gordon Cooper after their Gemini-5 flight. Photo: NASA

You’ll need: One of those hazmat suits you hoarded early in the pandemic and some markers

Bonus points for: Drinking Tang all night


If you wear the Saratoga:

You’re…who else – JFK

President John F. Kennedy aboard a sailboat in Hyannisport, MA

You’ll need: Classic preppy duds that say you’re ready to go sailing at a moment’s notice, your best crack at a Massachusetts accent

Bonus points for: A yacht


If you wear the General:

You’re THE General, Douglas MacArthur. (I mean the frame was named for him.)

General Douglas MacArthur with his signature corn cob pipe

You’ll need: A khaki shirt and pants and a natural leadership ability

Bonus points for: An actual corn cob pipe

Let us know how else your using your AO sunglasses on Halloween by tagging @aoeyewear on Instagram.

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