Reasons for Wearing Reading Sunglasses
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Reasons for Wearing Reading Sunglasses

No small print here, we promise. Reading sunglasses seamlessly combine the benefits of sun protection and vision correction into one stylish package.

Tailored for your favorite outdoor activities like beach reading or tending to your garden, these glasses offer a plethora of lens choices, including polarized, blue light-blocking, progressive, and bifocal.

While numerous brands and designs are available, it’s crucial to discern the best options from those less effective. In this blog, we not only highlight the advantages of reader sunglasses but also guide you on what to sidestep for optimal comfort and clarity.

What Are Reading Sunglasses?

reading glasses - sun readers with progressive lenses

Reader sunglasses are reading glasses with sun protection – a smart fusion of eyewear, seamlessly integrating prescription magnification into stylish sunglasses.

Specifically designed for individuals who require reading glasses, these sunglasses eliminate the hassle of switching between regular sunglasses and reading glasses outdoors.

The lower portion of the lenses features the reader prescription, allowing users to comfortably enjoy a good book, menus, or screens in the sun. Offering both UV protection and visual clarity, reading sunglasses are a practical and fashionable solution for anyone seeking versatility in eyewear.

Whether you’re on the beach or in your backyard, these glasses can be a perfect choice to provide a seamless blend of sun protection and reading convenience.

Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses for Reading

Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses for Reading

Convenience, Safety, and Comfort

Reading sunglasses offer a hassle-free solution, eliminating the need to switch between regular sunglasses and reading glasses outdoors, ensuring uninterrupted visual comfort and convenience.

Whether you’re at the beach, park, or poolside, reader sunglasses enable you to indulge in your favorite books, menus, or digital screens outdoors, combining the joy of reading with the pleasures of outdoor activities.

Beyond magnification, these sunglasses provide a protective shield for your eyes, reducing glare and minimizing eye strain, enhancing overall safety during activities such as reading in bright sunlight or driving.

Engineered for extended wear, reading sunglasses prioritize comfort, combining prescription lenses with sun protection for a relaxed and strain-free reading experience in various environments.

Style and UV Protection

Elevate your look with reader sunglasses that seamlessly integrate fashion and functionality, allowing you to express your personal style while enjoying clear vision.

Offering the same UVA UVB protection as standard sunglasses, reading sunglasses shield your eyes from harmful rays, safeguarding against long-term damage and promoting eye health.

Protection from Eye Conditions

By minimizing glare and blocking harmful UV rays, reading sunglasses contribute to preventing conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration, ensuring long-term eye health and wellness.

What Are Your Options?

reading glasses with polarized lenses and progressive lenses

Whether you’re at the beach, park, or poolside, reading sunglasses enable you to indulge in your favorite books, menus, or digital screens outdoors, combining the joy of reading with the pleasures of outdoor activities.

Non-Corrective Polarized Sunglasses

Non-corrective polarized sunglasses offer a compelling choice for those seeking versatile eyewear beyond specific reading needs. Their primary allure lies in their ability to eliminate glare and enhance visual clarity, making them ideal for various outdoor activities.

Whether you’re enjoying a beach day, driving, or participating in sports, polarized lenses reduce reflections and provide a crisp, glare-free view, especially when you’re near reflective surfaces like at the beach or poolside. Unlike reading sunglasses, they don’t have a prescription magnification, making them suitable for individuals without specific reading requirements.

The beauty of non-corrective polarized sunglasses lies in their adaptability. They offer a seamless transition from bright sunlight to shaded areas without compromising vision. This versatility makes them a go-to option for individuals who want eye protection and style without the dedicated reading lens.

With a wide range of various styles, designs and frame options, non-corrective polarized sunglasses become more than just a functional accessory; they become a fashion statement, providing a trendy and protective solution for anyone who values both aesthetics and visual comfort in various outdoor settings.

Remember that if you plan to read with your polarized sunglasses, you may notice interference with screens, like on your phone or tablet.

Reading Sunglasses

Wearing reading sunglasses is a practical choice for individuals who enjoy reading outdoors. The tinted lenses offer protection against harmful UV rays while reducing glare, ensuring a comfortable and eye-friendly reading experience in bright sunlight.

Whether immersed in a gripping novel or perusing important documents, reading sunglasses provide clarity and enhance contrast, minimizing eye strain and fatigue. The convenience of having prescription or magnified lenses integrated into stylish sunglass frames makes them a versatile accessory for those with vision needs.

Reading sunglasses not only safeguard the eyes but also add a fashionable element to outdoor activities, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics. Choosing to wear reading sunglasses is a smart decision for those who value both eye health and a clear, enjoyable reading experience in various outdoor settings.

Bifocal Sunglasses

Opting for bifocal lenses in reading sunglasses is a practical choice for individuals with presbyopia, a condition that affects near vision as one ages.

These sunglasses seamlessly integrate two prescriptions, allowing users to enjoy both clear distance vision and magnified near vision without the need for multiple pairs of glasses. Bifocal sunglasses are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who require both UV protection and the convenience of reading or performing close-up tasks in sunlight.

The upper portion of the lens caters to distance vision, ensuring clarity during activities such as driving or enjoying scenic views, while the lower portion provides magnification for reading or examining objects up close.

This dual functionality eliminates the hassle of constantly switching between glasses, offering a seamless and efficient solution for those who prioritize both eye protection and visual versatility in various outdoor settings.

peepers reading glass with sun protection - women's styles

Options to Avoid When Considering Sunglasses for Reading

  • Stick-on Lenses: Stick-on reading lenses may seem like a convenient solution to turn regular sunglasses into reading glasses, but they come with several drawbacks.
    • Firstly, the adhesion may not be secure, leading to lenses that can easily shift or fall off, compromising vision and potentially causing accidents. The quality of stick-on lenses can vary, impacting optical clarity and visual comfort. Moreover, the additional layer of the stick-on lens may create distortion, affecting the overall quality of vision. The adhesive can also damage your lenses and void any warranty on your sunglasses.
    • These makeshift solutions often lack the precision and durability of professionally crafted prescription lenses. Ultimately, investing in purpose-built bifocal or reading sunglasses with integrated prescriptions ensures not only optimal vision but also proper safety and reliability, making them a superior choice over stick-on alternatives for those who value clear, secure, and dependable eyewear.
  • Reading Without Any Glasses in the Sun: Reading in the sun without sunglasses can have adverse effects on your eyes. The sun emits harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, and prolonged exposure without protection can lead to various eye issues.
    • The intense sunlight can cause eyestrain, leading to discomfort, headaches, and difficulty focusing. Moreover, UV rays can contribute to the development of cataracts and other serious eye conditions over time.
    • Sunglasses with UV protection act as a barrier, shielding your eyes from these harmful rays and reducing the risk of long-term damage.
    • Without proper eye protection, reading in bright sunlight increases the chances of experiencing glare and reflections, further straining your eyes. Therefore, wearing sunglasses designed to block UV rays is crucial for maintaining eye health and ensuring a comfortable reading experience in sunny conditions.
  • Improper Fit or One-Size-Fits-All Solutions: A poorly fitting pair of sunglasses or reading glasses can be more of a nuisance than a help. They might slide down, let in sunlight from the sides, or not sit close enough to the eyes. This not only compromises UV protection but also hampers vision correction. It’s essential to get sunglasses tailored to your face shape for the best experience.

Which Type of Reader Sunglasses Are Right for You?

sun protect with reading glass peepers

Choosing the right type of reader sunglasses can significantly enhance your outdoor reading experience. Instead of settling for pre-made options, we recommend selecting high-quality sunglasses that best fit your style and comfort.

Once you’ve made your choice, take your sunglasses to a trusted optical shop. Here, professionals can customize them with the perfect lens prescription and magnification power tailored to your reading needs – whether its progressive reading sunglasses, bifocal reading sunglasses, or full lens reading sunglasses. This approach ensures a blend of style, durability, and precise vision correction, providing you with the best of both worlds.

Get Started with American Optical Frames Today

Discover the union of style and functionality with American Optical. Designed to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, our sunglasses are a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts. From various lens choices like polarized to colored, the options are vast.

Dive into the world of dual-purpose eyewear! Contact us and find a high quality pair of sunglasses today and learn more about how to work with an eye doctor or optician to determine your best lens options.

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