Men’s and Women’s Modern Sunglasses

Discover the ultimate collection of men’s and women’s modern sunglasses at American Optical. Our expertly curated assortment features iconic, cool shades that blend contemporary aesthetics with chic elegance. These stylish sunglasses not only elevate your fashion sense but also provide essential protection for your eyes, offering much-needed shade during sun-soaked adventures. Whether you’re a fan of high fashion or seeking functional eyewear, our selection includes a variety of shapes and colors to suit every taste, from sporty silhouettes to classic styles.

Consider the Benefits of Modern Sunglasses

Elevate your style and eye protection with our collection of exclusive sunglasses for men and women. Our range offers a diverse selection of shapes, including round sunglasses, rectangular and square frames, classic aviator designs, and more. These contemporary shades come in an array of captivating colors, from sleek black to vibrant gradients. What sets our shades apart are the options for polarized lenses, gradient lenses, and mirrored coatings, ensuring UV protection, enhanced clarity, and reduced glare and eye strain.

In addition to our variety, our frames boast expert craftsmanship in different materials. You will find both acetate and metal frames, ensuring a perfect fit for every face shape and fashion preference. Discover how AO eyewear can effortlessly complement any outfit and occasion.

Shop AO Modern Sunglasses

Explore our must-have modern sunglasses, featuring the latest trends and timeless classics. Here are some of the best sunglasses we offer:

Original Pilot

The Original Pilot model is a classic design that has stood the test of time. It features a sleek, metal frame with a distinctive aviator shape, known for its versatility and universal appeal. This model combines a vintage vibe with modern functionality, making it suitable for both casual and formal occasions. It’s particularly favored for its durability and comfort, along with the ability to provide excellent eye protection.


The Saratoga model is a more fashion-forward design, often characterized by its unique and stylish frame shape. It’s a modern interpretation of the classic sunglasses silhouette, offering a sophisticated and chic look. The Saratoga is ideal for those who want to make a style statement while enjoying the benefits of high-quality eye protection. It’s often chosen for its elegant lines and contemporary appeal.


The design of the Oxford model is perfect for those who appreciate vintage-inspired aesthetics. Its round frame offers a retro appeal, making it suitable for both casual and more formal settings. It’s a great choice for individuals seeking a combination of timeless style and modern functionality.

Why Choose Modern Sunglasses at American Optical

Choosing eyewear from American Optical means opting for both quality and cutting-edge style. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every pair of sunglasses we craft. Made in the USA, our frames are constructed with the finest materials sourced globally. Our dedication to craftsmanship extends to our customer service, ensuring that your shopping experience is both enjoyable and hassle-free.

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Craft That Has Been Honed for over 150 Years.

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52-20-140mm | AOLite™ Nylon Non-Polarized Lens
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52-19-145mm | AOLite™ Nylon Non-Polarized Lens
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44-24-145mm | AOLite™ Nylon Non-Polarized Lens
Need Help Picking the Perfect Modern Sunglasses?
Need Help Picking the Perfect Modern Sunglasses?

Need Help Picking the Perfect Modern Sunglasses?

At American Optical, we understand the importance of finding the perfect pair of sunglasses that not only elevates your look but also protects your eyes. Whether you're seeking the perfect sunglasses for summer or polarized sunglasses for glare reduction, our experts are here to assist you. Start your shopping journey and find the right lens and frame for any occasion. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help. From choosing the best sunglasses based on your face shape to advising on lens quality and styles, our team is dedicated to ensuring you find the ideal pair of shades.
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