Full Rim Sunglasses

AO’s collection of full rim sunglasses is full of iconic styles, like the Original Pilot, Saratoga, General, and Sirmont. All of AO’s full frame glasses are handcrafted in the USA from premium global components. Start shopping now or click to read more about everything from full rim aviator sunglasses to full rim cat eye sunglasses.

What are full rim glasses?

When looking for glasses, you may see them referred to as full rim glasses or full frame glasses. This refers to the rim or eyewire of the frame fully encircling the lenses, as opposed to rimless or half-rim styles. Full rim glasses are particularly popular in sunglasses for both their durability and bolder style.

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Full frame sunglasses are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles. The Original Pilot is our most iconic pair of full rim aviator sunglasses, having been on the moon as part of the Apollo space program. Equally legendary is the Saratoga, a pair of full rim rectangle sunglasses that were worn by JFK. If you prefer to create your own iconic style, we also offer full rim cat eye sunglasses and full rim round sunglasses. Browse the styles below.

Why choose full rim sunglasses?

You may not realize that the look you’ve come to associate with full rim glasses was created by American Optical in 1930. Prior to this time, the temples, or arms, of glasses were typically attached at the middle of the lens. AO revolutionized the look of glasses by introducing the Ful-Vue frame, with the temples attached at the top of the lens, like most modern glasses you see today. This simple change greatly expanded the field of vision and forever changed the look of eyewear. Aside from style, choose full frame sunglasses for their durability and ability to keep your sun lenses protected.

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Craft That Has Been Honed for over 150 Years.

52-20-140mm | glass Non-Polarized Lens
52-19-145mm | nylon Non-Polarized Lens
55-14-140mm | glass Non-Polarized Lens
56-21-145mm | nylon Non-Polarized Lens
55-19-140mm | nylon Non-Polarized Lens
58-18-140mm | nylon Non-Polarized Lens
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44-24-145mm | nylon Non-Polarized Lens
51-19-145mm | nylon Non-Polarized Lens
51-18-145mm | nylon Non-Polarized Lens
47-21-145mm | nylon Non-Polarized Lens
52-20-145mm | nylon Non-Polarized Lens
51-21-145mm | nylon Non-Polarized Lens
Not sure which pair of full rim sunglasses to buy?

Not sure which pair of full rim sunglasses to buy?

You have many options when shopping for full rim glasses. Our virtual try-on tool is a great way to try out full frame glasses before you buy, but please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have.
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Frequently asked questions

Our collection of full rim sunglasses offers styles to flatter all face shapes. Try round full rim sunglasses if you have a square or oval face, rectangle full rim sunglasses to balance long face. Cat eye and aviator full rim sunglasses flatter most face shapes. Don’t just take our word for it, use our virtual try-on feature to find the style that looks best on you.

Full rim sunglasses offer more protection for your sun lenses than half rim sunglasses, owing to the fact that the full rim fully encircles each lens.

We are always working to provide more customization options for our sunglasses. to Learn how to customize full rim styles like the Original Pilot, General, and Saratoga here.

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