Gradient Tint Sunglasses

Gradient lenses add extra style to AO sunglasses. They also offer specialized optics. Gradient lens sunglasses feature tint that is darkest at the top of the lens, protecting eyes from overhead sun.

Gradient lens colors

American Optical’s SunVogue gradient lenses are available in a variety of chromatically tuned tints to offer precise optics and individual style to our sunglasses.

What optics can you expect from each AO gradient tint?

  • Grey gradient lenses reduce eye fatigue, perfect for long wear.
  • Green gradient lenses offer true color perception for the most natural vision.
  • Brown gradient lenses enhance contrast and adds warmth.
  • Pink gradient lenses enhance depth and ease adjustment to contrast.

Our SunVogue lenses are paired with complementary frame colors to enhance the style of your AO frames. All of our gradient sunglasses feature AOLite nylon lenses with 100% UV protection, backside anti-reflective coating, and oleophobic smudge-resistant coating.

Shop AO Gradient Sunglasses

Gradient sun lenses look great in AO’s lineup of iconic styles. Shop this page to easily find sunglasses with gray, green, brown, and pink gradient lenses.

Why choose gradient sunglasses?

Many times, choosing lens color is a style choice. However, gradient lens sunglasses also offer increased comfort in many situations.

By concentrating more tint at the top of the lenses, gradient sunglasses offer increased protection from overhead light. As the tint lightens, it becomes easier to see through the middle of the lens resulting in less eye strain. This makes gradient lenses ideal for activities like driving, hiking, and reading outdoors. If you like to keep your sunglasses on inside as well as outside, a gradient lens will make those transitions much easier.

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51-19-145mm | nylon Non-Polarized Lens
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51-18-145mm | nylon Non-Polarized Lens
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58-18-140mm | nylon Non-Polarized Lens
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