Choosing Shades for a Variety of Outdoor Activities
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Choosing Shades for a Variety of Outdoor Activities

Sunglasses for Different Types of Outdoor Activities

When you think of sunglasses, the usual picture in your mind is one of someone lounging at the beach on a sunny day. And while this is certainly an ideal situation for rocking shades, there are actually many more activities where wearing sunglasses can make all the difference!

Let’s take a look at the best kind of sunglasses for different activities—from running to biking and beyond—so that everyone can enjoy their favorite sports or pastimes with complete eye protection and comfort. Let’s take a closer look into which American Optical sunglasses are best for various occasions.

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Choose the Right Sunglasses for Your Activity

When it comes to choosing the right sunwear for your activity, there are a few things you should consider.

First, it is important to think about the level of protection you need from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. If you are engaging in outdoor activities where your eyes will be exposed to strong sunlight for long periods of time, always opt for sunglasses that offer 100 percent UVA and UVB protection.

Second, make sure you try different styles of sunnies until you find one that fits comfortably and securely.

Lastly, it’s important to pick frames that match your individual style to ensure that your sunwear won’t be an annoyance when participating in any given activity.

With these considerations in mind, it should be easy to select the perfect sunwear for your activities.

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Different Activities and the Best Sunglasses for Each

1. Running Sunglasses to Block UV Rays

When it comes to running, you need sunwear that can keep up with your pace and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Look for lightweight styles that stay securely on your face.

Additionally, polarized sunnies eliminate glare and enhance clarity, allowing you to stay focused on your path.

Our pick for running sunglasses is the General, with its lightweight comfort and broad UV protection.

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2. Cycling Sunglasses

Cycling requires sunwear that provides clear vision, wind protection, and a secure fit. Look for frames with anti-slip nose pads and temples to ensure your sunnies stay put during your rides.

Choose lenses that enhance contrast and depth perception to navigate different terrains effectively.

Half the fun of cycling is stopping along the way, so you’ll want to wear sunwear that look good on and off the bike.

Check out our cycling sunglasses pick to keep your eyes protected and focused on the road ahead.

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3. Skiing/Snowboarding Sunglasses

For snow sports like skiing and snowboarding, sunwear is a must to shield your eyes from the snow’s intense reflection.

Look for large frames with polarized and/or mirror lenses that reduce glare and enhance visibility on the slopes. American Optical sunglasses offer excellent UV protection and optical clarity for your snowy adventures.

If you prefer sunglasses to goggles, the Original Pilot is a great choice for skiing sunglasses. Bayonet temples make it easy to put on and take off these sunnies without interfering with a helmet. Opt for SunFlash mirror lenses for extra style on the slopes and apres ski.


4. Fishing Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses

When you’re out on the water fishing or participating in any water sports, your sunwear should provide serious protection from the sun and minimize glare off the water.

You also want to choose the right lenses so you don’t miss a catch. Look for shades with brown tinted lenses, as they enhance contrast and reduce eye strain. All American Optical shades offer 100% protection from uv rays.

Our fishing sunglasses offer the perfect combination of style and function for your fishing escapades.

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5. Golfing Sunglasses

Golfing requires sunwear that offers precise vision and protection on the greens.

Look for lightweight frames with non-slip features to ensure a comfortable fit during your swings and impact resistant UV-protected lenses to care for your eyes.

Opt for lenses that enhance color contrast and depth perception for better ball tracking. Our golfing sunglasses are designed to keep you looking sharp and performing your best on the course.

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6. Driving Sunglasses

While driving, it’s essential to have eyewear that reduces glare and enhances visibility on the road – sun, rain, or snow.

Look for polarized lenses with a neutral tint that won’t distort colors.

All AO glasses are designed with driving in mind

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7. Beach Sunglasses 

At the beach on sunny days, you need sunnies that provide ample coverage to block the sun’s intense rays. Look for oversized frames with UV-protective lenses to shield your eyes while you enjoy the sand and waves.

AO polarized lenses are perfect for reducing glare and sharpening contrast to get the most out of gorgeous beach views.

Our beach sunglasses offer both style and protection for your sand and water adventures.


8. Hiking Sunglasses

When hiking, you need sunglasses that offer exceptional clarity and protection from the elements. Look for durable frames with impact resistant lenses that can withstand rugged terrain.

AO hiking sunglasses are designed to protect you on your outdoor journeys while reducing glare.

9. Festival Sunglasses

Festivals are full of activities––concerts, amusement park rides, carnival games—all vying for your attention. Make sure to take care of your eyes by wearing the right type of sunnies while you explore all that festivals have to offer.

Festival sunglasses provide a stylish shield from the bright lights and bumping sound systems you will encounter as you join in on the festivities.

Designed to reflect colorful light displays, the perfect festival sunnies dazzle with everything from vibrant colors and mirrored lens treatments, making sure your eyewear is just as fun as your chosen activity.

Look for a lightweight frame so you can stay comfortable in bright sunny weather for a full day of fun.


The Benefits of Having the Right Type of Sunglasses for Your Activity

Sunglasses are an essential for daily wear, but having glasses that fit your activity can be even more beneficial for your health and comfort.

The right type of sunnies for all activities including sports, skiing, fishing, and driving will provide superior protection with improved clarity and style.

Not only do proper shades help protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays, but also from dust and debris in the air.

Polarized lenses reduce glare without sacrificing color accuracy and clarity so you look good while enjoying outdoor activities.

Your quality of life can be enhanced when you wear sunglasses that keep your eyes safe and comfortable – ultimately giving you peace of mind knowing that you are using the best possible equipment to care for your eyes.

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Find the Perfect Sunglasses For Your Activity at American Optical Today!

Whether you are coming off a ski run, or walking along the beach on a sunny day, it is important to have the right sunglasses for your activity. Finding the right type of shade matters because they will provide UV protection, comfort, and enhanced vision when doing different activities.

Knowing what type fits you best and which lenses to choose can help you keep your eyes safe from sunlight damage. Taking care of polarized sunglasses is also key for protecting them from scratches and dust build-up. Cleaning your new glasses regularly and storing them properly can also help extend their lifespan.

Having a pair of shades designed specifically for your activities can lead to better relaxation and more enjoyable moments outdoors free from worry about damaging your eyesight. American Optical has an excellent selection for all types of activities, so contact us today if you’d like some advice on choosing the perfect pair!

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