Colored Sunglasses: Choosing Sunglasses Tint
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Colored Sunglasses: Choosing Sunglasses Tint

Tinted Sunglasses: Choosing the Best Tint for your Sunglasses –

When choosing the right sunglasses for you, there’s more to think about than style. Above all, sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes and improve your vision. Tinted lenses are available in many colors, not just to provide a fashion choice, but to tailor optics for your lifestyle. You can rest assured that all AO sunglasses will protect you from UV rays, but read on to find out which tinted sunglasses may be best for you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Sunglass Tint

Visible Light Transmission

When light hits tinted sunglasses, some light is reflected and some is absorbed.Visible light transmission refers to the amount of visible light that passes through a material. 100% indicates that all visible light passes through the material and 0% indicates that no visible light passes through. All tinted lenses are rated with a lens filter category so you can choose the appropriate light transmission for your activities. While very dark tinted sunglasses will block the most sun, lenses can actually be too dark for activities like driving. On the other hand, light tint sunglasses may not offer enough shade to be comfortable in intense sunlight.

Checking the lens filter category for your chosen AO colored sunglasses is an important step to ensure you’re choosing a good fit for your lifestyle.


Differences Between Polarized, Mirror, and Gradient Lenses

When shopping AO sunglasses, you’ll notice options for adding polarization to your tinted lenses and for mirror and gradient lenses in select styles. Let’s break down each of these terms.

  • Polarized lenses – Polarized lenses are the best way to eliminate glare which results in clearer and more comfortable vision. They accomplish this by using a special filter that blocks certain types of light waves, vertically polarized light waves. Polarized sunglasses are particularly useful for outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, and skiing, as well as for driving, since they reduce glare from the road and other cars.
  • Mirror Lenses – Mirror coatings reflect a significant amount of light, which helps to reduce glare and protect the eyes from bright sunlight. Mirror tint sunglasses are popular among athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and people who spend a lot of time in bright sunlight. They are also often worn as a statement piece. If you’re looking for mirror lenses, shop the Original Pilot.

Mirror Lenses

  • Gradient Lenses – Gradient sunglasses lenses are are darker at the top and gradually become lighter towards the bottom. Gradient sunglasses lenses are a popular choice among people who spend a lot of time outdoors and want a versatile lens that can adapt to different lighting conditions.

Polarization is available on all AO mirror and gradient lenses.

Choosing Between Dark and Light Sunglass Tint

There isn’t one right choice. Think about the conditions in which you plan to wear your tinted sunglasses. Will you be in bright overhead light? Are you outdoors midday or early morning when sunlight is less intense? How do your eyes feel after being outdoors for some time? 

Choose a darker tint to block more intense sunlight if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Lighter tints will be more comfortable in conditions where the light is more filtered, like on overcast days. Remember to check the lens filter category to make sure your choice lines up well with your lifestyle.

Choosing the Right Lens Color for Sunglasses

AO tinted lenses are chromatically tuned to offer precise optics that maximize the benefits of each colored lens tint. Let’s take look at each lens color, outlining their features and recommended uses.

Blue Tinted Sunglasses

Image for Blue Tinted Sunglasses

Known as a calming color, wearing blue lenses can have a calming effect on the eyes. Blue tint enhances contours and doesn’t distort colors.

Note: SunFlash Blue Mirrors are coated over Cosmetan Brown lenses, providing the benefits of both brown and blue tinted sunglasses.

Green Tinted Sunglasses

Image for Green Tinted Sunglasses

Green tinted sunglasses are a favorite of many. Whether you select our Calobar Green lenses or SunVogue Green Gradient lenses, you’ll experience true color perception for very natural vision thanks to the optical properties of green tint. Take a look now at one of our most popular pair of green shades.

Brown Tinted Sunglasses

Image for Brown Tinted Sunglasses


Brown lenses are known to amplify contrast and add warmth to your vision. They’re particularly comfortable on bright sunny days. Take a look at one of our favorite pairs of brown tinted sunglasses now.

Pink and Red Tinted Sunglasses


Image for Pink and Red Tinted Sunglasses

Red and pink tints add a lot of style to your look, but that’s not all. They also offer optical benefits like enhancing depth and easing your adjustment to contrast. Yes, seeing the world through rose-colored glasses is good for your vision! Pink tinted sunglasses are very comforting to the eyes and are appropriate in all weather conditions, especially snow.

Summing up the Tint Debate

So what color tinted sunglasses are best? The answer depends on you. American Optical’s suite of premium lenses all provide you with 100% UV protection and feature backside anti-reflective and smudge-resistant coatings. Now, level up your vision by choosing a tint that best suits your lifestyle. We understand it can be hard to choose a lens tint, don’t hesitate to contact us for personalized recommendations.

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