Why Green Lens Sunglasses Are a Great Choice
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Why Green Lens Sunglasses Are a Great Choice

Sunglasses are an essential accessory on sunny days. Not only do they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but different lens colors provide unique benefits. For example, green sunglass lenses enhance color perception, offer protection from UV rays, and provide maximum comfort.

In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of buying green-tinted lenses and review top sunglasses models with green lenses on the market today. Read on and learn why people wear green-tinted sunglasses.

The Benefits of Green Over Other Lens Colors

The Benefits of Green Over Other Lens Colors

Lens color is one of the key elements to consider when choosing gradient sunglasses. Green lenses offer superior visual clarity and comfort compared to brown, gray, yellow, or other lens colors.

While brown lenses and gray lenses reduce glare, they impact color perception. Yellow and orange boost contrast but cause eye strain.

Green lens glasses filter wavelengths that lead to aberrations and glare, preserving color accuracy and depth perception. The relaxed eye muscles and sharpened focus resulting from green sunglasses mean less squinting and frustration.

Rose or red-tinted lenses reduce eyestrain but lack green lenses’ visual acuity benefits. The improved visual clarity and reduced fatigue are important reasons why sunglasses with green lenses are so popular.

The Development of AO Calobar™ Green Lenses

In the early 1930s, American Optical took a scientific interest emerged in the chemistry of glass coloration. It was discovered that incorporating a trace of iron into the glass lens, besides being cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing, also yielded optical benefits.

During this period, the formulation of the renowned Calobar™ sunglasses was developed. This formulation involved a solution of two iron oxides with distinct valences. One valence assumed the ferrous ionic state, absorbing long-wave-lengths at the red and infrared end of the spectrum. The other valence, in the ferric ionic state, acted as a screen for the short-wavelength end, blocking out blue and ultraviolet light. The combination illuminated energy in the central spectrum and created the recognizable sage green associated with the Calobar trademark.

The Calobar™ invention was deemed the optical ideal due to its ability to filter out potentially harmful invisible rays at the spectrum extremes while allowing the clear transmission of all colors within the visible range.

Top 7 Reasons to Opt for Green Lenses

why choose green sunglasses lenses

Green lens sunglasses offer numerous benefits. Here are the top 7 reasons you should consider wearing green sunglasses:

  1. Enhanced Vision: Green-tinted lenses filter out harsh blue light while letting in useful wavelengths, sharpening focus and enhancing color, contrast, and depth perception for reduced eyestrain. Better contrast also boosts depth perception for better spatial awareness and distance judgment. By optimizing the light entering your eyes, colored lenses bring the environment into crisper, vivid focus. Their ability to fine-tune visual input makes them a valuable aid, particularly in low-light conditions.
  2. Reduced Eye Fatigue: Green filters out harsh blue light that strains the eyes. This reduces dryness, headaches, blurry vision, and fatigue. The soothing effect makes it easier to focus.
  3. UV Protection and Eye Health: By blocking dangerous UV rays from entering the eye, the green polarized option helps prevent conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration, and growths in the eye. This UV protection promotes long-term eye health.
  4. Adapted for Any Weather: Green polarized sunglasses enhance contrast/depth perception in all conditions: sun, bright light, rain, or snow. Their versatility makes them ideal for active lifestyles. Green sunglasses particularly help reduce brightness in bright light conditions.
  5. Glare Reduction on Water: Sunglasses with green lenses reduce blinding glare reflecting off water for boating, fishing, and water activities. They make it easier to see clearly without glare strain from the reflective surfaces.
  6. Stylish and Trendy Aesthetics: Green lenses offer a stylish, trendy look that flatters most complexions. Their unique hue stands out from typical black, brown, or blue lenses, allowing you to make a fashion statement. A green pair of sunglasses coordinates well with many colors and patterns, giving you endless options to create chic, put-together ensembles. With green frames or contacts, you can achieve an eye-catching aesthetic that expresses your personal flair.
  7. Everyday Use: The green lens tint is the best bet for outdoor activities. It increases contrast, reducing distracting glare and eye fatigue. Wearing green light lenses enhances the vision of natural colors in forests or fields. For hiking, driving, golf, or water sports, green lenses optimize visual clarity and comfort.

Top 6 Best Green Sunglasses

1. Airman

Airman aviator sunglasses with green lenses

With dark green lenses, Airman sunglasses offer a classically and timelessly fashionable look while providing maximum protection from the sun’s harmful glare. Choose polarized lenses to effectively cut reflections for improved visibility.

2. Checkmate

aviator sunglasses with green polarized lenses

Featuring thin and light lenses, these sporty and active green sunglasses allow you to see true color definition and visual clarity while shielding your eyes from bright sunlight. The flexible and adjustable temples provide a secure and customizable fit for dynamic lifestyles.

3. Sebring

women's aviator sunglasses with gradient lenses

For a subtle and pleasant green tint, these sunglasses have gradient green lenses to gently filter brightness while maintaining color integrity and accuracy. Great for driving and engaging in outdoor activities.

4. Original Pilot

Original pilot FG-58 sunglasses apollo 11

Modeled after classic aviators with a modern and contemporary twist, these Original Pilot sunglasses have dark green lenses that reduce glare without too much tint or color distortion.

5. Oxford

oxford bridge sunglasses

A simple, rounded frame with green lenses makes these a go-to and versatile pair of shades for everyday wear and use.

6. Saratoga

Saratoga sunglasses, JFK

Saratoga sunglasses are known for their stylish, retro appeal and high-quality craftsmanship,  paired with premium lenses. The green lenses provide excellent visibility, enhance color and contrast, and are a great multi-purpose choice for different activities and settings.

Shop Now for the Green Sunglasses — American Optical

Unlike darker lenses that simply block light, green lenses improve contrast, provide better color accuracy, and eliminate distracting glare to let you see more clearly. They also provide critical ultraviolet protection to guard your eyes against harmful rays.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder green is a top sunglasses color. American Optical offers classic and sporty green shades. Contact us with any questions about ordering your perfect sunglasses — you’ll be seeing the world through a better lens while protecting your eyes!

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