Sunglass Style Round-Up
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Sunglass Style Round-Up

A guide to different types of sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great way to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and they can also add a touch of style to your outfit. But with so many different types of sunglasses on the market, it can be tough to know which ones are right for you.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at different types of sunglasses available and help you choose the perfect pair of sunglasses for your needs, because wearing sunglasses is important whenever you’re outside.

What Are Different Sunglasses Types?

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There are many different types of sunglasses available, each with its own unique style and features. Some of the most popular types of sunglasses include:

Round sunglasses

Round sunglasses are a stylish and iconic eyewear choice that exude a timeless charm. With their circular frames and rounded sunglass lenses, they offer a retro-inspired look.

These sunglasses effortlessly blend vintage aesthetics with modern appeal. Their versatile design suits various face shapes, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

The round shape provides ample coverage and UV protection for the eyes, making them both fashionable and functional.

Whether you’re strolling along the beach or exploring the city streets, round frames are a fashionable accessory that will elevate your style game.

Aviator sunglasses

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Aviator sunglasses are a classic and enduring symbol of cool. Originally designed for pilots, these sunglasses feature large, often teardrop-shaped sunglass lenses that provide excellent coverage and protection from the sun.

The thin metal frames, typically made of stainless steel or titanium, give them a lightweight and sleek appearance.

Aviators are known for their timeless style and versatility, making them suitable for both men and women. They effortlessly complement various face shapes and add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

With their iconic double-bridge design and UV-blocking lenses, aviator sunglasses not only make a fashion statement but also shield your eyes from harmful rays. Whether you’re flying high or simply strolling around, aviators offer both style and functionality.

Square sunglasses

Square sunglasses feature a bold and angular design that adds a touch of modernity to any look. With their straight lines and defined corners, they offer a strong and confident aesthetic.

The square shape is versatile, suiting a variety of face shapes and styles. These sunglasses provide ample coverage and UV protection for the eyes, making them both stylish and practical.

Whether you’re hitting the streets or relaxing by the pool, square sunglasses make a fashion-forward statement while keeping your eyes safe from the sun’s rays.

Rectangle sunglasses

Rectangle sunglasses offer a sleek and sophisticated look with their elongated frames and straight lines. This classic shape effortlessly combines modern style with timeless elegance.

The rectangular design complements a variety of face shapes and adds a touch of refinement to any outfit. These sunglasses provide ample coverage and UV protection for the eyes, ensuring both fashion and function.

Whether you’re strolling through the city or lounging on the beach, rectangle frames are a versatile accessory that adds a polished and confident vibe to your overall appearance.

Oversized sunglasses

oversized frames

Oversized sunglasses are a fashion statement that demands attention. With their larger frames and lenses, they create a bold and dramatic look.

These sunglasses not only provide ample coverage for the eyes but also offer a touch of glamor and sophistication. The oversized design adds a sense of mystery and allure to your style, instantly elevating any outfit.

They are both fashionable and functional, providing protection from harmful UV rays while making you stand out in a crowd.

Cat-eye sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses are a stylish and retro-inspired accessory that instantly adds a touch of femininity and glamor.

With their upswept outer edges and distinctive shape resembling a cat’s eye, these sunglasses are known for their alluring and playful appeal. The upswept corners draw attention to the eyes, accentuating their shape and creating a flattering and seductive look.

Cat-eye sunglasses come in a variety of sizes and styles. Whether you’re going for a vintage-inspired or a more modern interpretation, cat-eye sunglasses are a chic choice that adds a sense of sophistication and elegance to any outfit.

Browline sunglasses

Browline sunglasses are a stylish and distinctive eyewear choice that combines retro and contemporary elements.

These sunglasses feature a bold upper frame that mimics the shape of eyebrows, hence the name “browline.” The upper portion of the frame is usually thicker and bolder, while the lower part is more delicate, often made of metal or acetate. The look is sometimes referred to as clubmaster sunglasses.

This design creates a unique and eye-catching aesthetic. Browline sunglasses offer a fusion of sophistication and vintage charm, appealing to both men and women.

Their versatile style suits various face shapes and adds a touch of personality to any outfit. Whether you’re aiming for a classic or a modern look, browline sunglasses make a fashionable statement while protecting your eyes from the sun.

Sports sunglasses

These sunglasses are designed for specific sports, such as running, cycling, and skiing, and they often have features such as tinted lenses, adjustable straps, and ventilation holes.

However, if you’re playing a sport that doesn’t require a specific style of sunglasses, you can wear just about any style. All American Optical sunglass lenses offer 100% UV protection to keep your eyes safe.

Consider aviator frames next time you’re golfing or fishing to enhance your vision without having to get a special pair of sports sunglasses. You can also try mirrored lenses to reflect more light when your outdoors for long stretches of time.

Wayfarer sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses are a timeless and iconic eyewear style that has remained popular for decades. With their distinctive trapezoidal shape and thick acetate frames, these sunglasses exude a sense of cool and sophistication.

Though the name wayfarer is associated with Ray-Ban, the classic style has been around since the 1950s, with versions made by various eyewear companies. The American Optical Saratoga is one such classic – so classic that it was famously worn by JFK. You can distinguish the Saratoga by its signature spearhead silver decor piece on the endpieces and temples as well as a sleeker temple design than the Ray-Ban.

Wayfarers have become a staple accessory in fashion. They are known for their versatility, suiting both men and women across various face shapes. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or strolling through the city, wayfarers offer a touch of retro charm and timeless style to elevate any outfit.

Keyhole bridge sunglasses

These sunglasses feature a unique design element known as a keyhole bridge. This type of bridge is shaped like a small, elongated keyhole, resembling the opening of an old-fashioned key.

This distinctive feature adds a touch of vintage-inspired charm to the sunglasses. Keyhole bridge sunglasses are known for their stylish and classic appeal, providing a subtle yet eye-catching detail.

The keyhole bridge design also offers comfort by distributing the weight evenly across the nose. It is also very flattering to hard-to-fit bridges. With their combination of functionality and fashion, keyhole bridge sunglasses add a unique and sophisticated touch to any outfit.

Sunglasses with polarized lenses

Sunglasses with polarized lenses are a popular choice for individuals seeking enhanced visual clarity and reduced glare. These lenses are specially designed to filter out horizontally polarized light, such as reflections from water, snow, or flat surfaces. By doing so, polarized lenses minimize glare and provide sharper, more vibrant vision.

This feature is particularly beneficial for outdoor activities, driving, and water sports. Polarized sunglasses offer improved visual comfort and help reduce eye strain caused by bright sunlight. Additionally, they offer UV protection to safeguard your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. With their practical advantages and stylish options, polarized sunglasses are a reliable choice for both fashion and eye protection.

Sunglasses with gradient lenses

Sunglasses with gradient lenses feature a unique lens design that transitions from a darker tint at the top to a lighter tint at the bottom. This gradient effect creates a stylish and aesthetic appeal while providing functional benefits.

The darker upper portion of the lens helps shield your eyes from direct sunlight and glare, making them ideal for outdoor activities and sunny conditions. As the tint gradually lightens towards the bottom, it allows more light to enter, providing clearer vision for activities that require better visibility, such as reading or driving.

Gradient lenses offer a versatile option, combining both style and practicality. They can enhance your overall look while providing protection and visual comfort in various lighting conditions.

Other sunglass styles

There is a sunglass type for every personality! If you’re looking for a more niche look than the popular sunglass types above, check out wrap-around, butterfly, flat-top, heart-shaped, flipper, shield, side shield, hexagonal, octagonal, clip-on, or tiny sunglasses.

Tips on Choosing the Best Type of Sunglasses

When choosing a pair of sunglasses, it’s important to consider the following factors, such as what suits your face shape and personal style, as well as what sunglass features matter most to you.

Consider Your Face Shape

Your face shape informs the shape of the sunglasses that flatter you best.

Choosing sunglasses for face shape is a topic all its own – if you aren’t familiar with your face shape, read up on tips on how to best flatter your face (or cheat and use our virtual try-on function). For example, if you have a round face shape, choosing sunglasses with angular or rectangular frames will add balance to your look. Conversely, a square face shape looks great in round frames.

Think About Your Personality and Lifestyle

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you’ll need sunglasses with UV protection. If you’re active, you’ll need sunglasses that are durable and won’t fall off easily.

Choose sunglasses that reflect your personal style. If you like to dress up, you might want to choose a more classic style of sunglasses. If you prefer a more casual look, you might want to choose a more trendy style of sunglasses.

Be Familiar with the Different Parts of Sunglasses

Understanding the names of sunglass parts and their functions will help you find a style that checks all the boxes of what you need to get the best style, comfort, and function to suit your lifestyle.

  1. Frames: The frames are the main structure of the sunglasses that hold the lenses in place. They come in various shapes, materials, and styles, such as plastic, metal, or a combination of both. The frames also include the temples (arms) that rest on the ears and the bridge that sits on the nose.
  2. Lenses: The lenses are the most important part of sunglasses as they provide protection and vision enhancement. American Optical’s sunglass lenses are offered in glass or nylon and feature UV protection, optional polarization, back-side anti-reflective coating, hard-coating, and an oleophobic smudge-resistant coating.
  3. Bridge: The bridge refers to the part of the sunglasses that rests on the nose. The bridge plays a role in the fit and comfort of the sunglasses.
  4. Temples (Arms): The temples, also known as arms or sides, are the extensions of the frames that go over the ears to hold the sunglasses in place. In addition to standard bent temples, American Optical is one of few companies to offer a bayonet temple designed to eliminate helmet interference.
  5. Hinges: Sunglass hinges allow the temples to fold inward, making them more compact for storage. American Optical uses sleek monoblock hinges in our aviator styles and incredibly sturdy seven-barrel hinges in our acetate styles.
  6. Nose pads: Most metal sunglasses have nose pads that rest on the nose to provide comfort and keep the sunglasses in place. They are adjustable to fit different nose shapes and sizes.
  7. Temple tips: The temple tips are the ends of the temples that come into contact with the sides of the head behind the ears.

Understanding the different parts of sunglasses can help you choose a style that suits your preferences, offers a comfortable fit, and meets your specific needs for eye protection and vision enhancement.

So, What Type of Sunglasses Should I Get?

Sunglasses are a great way to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and they can also add a touch of style to your outfit.

With so many different types of sunglasses on the market, it’s important to choose the perfect pair for your unique lifestyle. American Optical offers many classic types of sunglasses.

If you have any questions about which AO style is right for you, contact us!

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